Thursday, January 12, 2017

SEO Hero

Some of you may have heard about the SEO Hero challenge presented by

Now you may be wondering, is this legit?

Seems so. According to the SEO Hero challenge article, Wix will be giving away $50,000 to anyone who ranks consistently for the keywords “SEO Hero” from March 13 to March 15.

Visit to learn more

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Henry M1 week ago
I don't think anyone is ever going to win this competition. It's like Wix saying to the winner "You are better than us" I think they know what they are talking about. 

P.S: Wix is one of the google's partner
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 Chase Reiner 
Chase Reiner1 week ago
Henry, I gave you a video response here:
 Miriam Schwab 
Miriam Schwab1 month ago
Normally I'd think it's possible to win, but I figure Wix wouldn't announce a contest like this without knowing they'll win somehow. But I still think it's worth a try, and that's why we're making a go for it at (yeah, we have a ton of work to do on that site, so stay tuned!).
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 Leading Seo Hero 
Leading Seo Hero1 week ago
Hi Chase,
Your Video is doing good. If you don't mind can we use this video on our "seo hero" enrty:-
 Tony Peacock 
Tony Peacock1 month ago
Good video Chase. I know there will be a huge amount of competition. I'm in it just to have a go. Good luck to you too man. I made a video and have created a playlist and have put your video in it as well which you can see here - #SEOHero
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 Chase Reiner 
Chase Reiner1 month ago
sweet, thanks.
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